Countdown to Solo: Islands of the Heart

PlatformRelease Date
Worldwide [WW]
Nintendo Switch2019-08-01
Worldwide [WW]
PlayStation 42019-07-01

Solo: Islands of the Heart is an upcoming Adventure, Platform, and Role-playing video game with Puzzle elements, developed by team Gotham and published by Merge Games for Nintendo Switch. The game is about love, and love serves as the fuel that drives you. It will take place in the beautiful universe in which each character experience the gameplay in several ways. In the game, you will navigate the theme of love in a reflective storyline, enabling you to recognize and reflect on your experiences. According to the plot, the beautiful land is split into archipelagos, and each island offers a unique set of the puzzle that you should complete. However, puzzle-solving will rewards you with a sleep totem that you need to awake to answer a question about love and sweet relationship. As with love, there are lots of puzzles that have no unique solution. During the gameplay, you will be able to use boxes, and each box has unique properties and behaviors, you can create your way to the sleeping totem on each island. Solo: Islands of the Heart is scheduled to be released on 01 August 2019 for Nintendo Switch.