Countdown to Raiden V

PlatformRelease Date
Worldwide [WW]
Nintendo Switch2019-07-25

Raiden V is a Single-player and Multiplayer Shoot ‘em up video game developed and published by Moss. The game offers almost similar gameplay to its prior titles, but the storyline incorporates suggestions of the realistic places, with the player craft enemies in the Middle East, New York, and other locations across the world. In the game, the player has a choice to choose from one of three aircraft such as the Azuma, Moulin, and Spirit of Dragon. All the Jets have their different grades of power, mobility, defense, and a sub-weapon of maintained power. The notable change in this title is the introduction of a shield bar, enabling the player to take several hits from being smashed. However, the only ship is offered, thus on the time of destruction, the player will lose his points and be asked to continue the game from the starting point. A cheer system is introduced in the game where online players can relax and cheer each other to unlock the skill Cheer Call.