Countdown to Pokemon Masters

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Worldwide [WW]
Worldwide [WW]

Pokemon Masters is an upcoming Role-playing and Single-player Adventure video game being developed by DeNa Co., Ltd. for Android and iOS. In the game, the player must get ready to embark on a new adventure in the beautiful world populated by cute creatures, also known as small monsters. During the game, the player must explore the environment comprises an island of Pasio. The tournament focuses on 3-on-3 matches being organized on the island, titled the Pokémon Masters League. The aim of the player will become a champion like other Pokémon games as he fights against other trainers to make his dream come true. In the start, the player must form a team of three trainers and train their Pokémon to target the weaknesses the opponents and deal massive damage. There are several challenging levels, and each level focuses on a set of objectives that the player will need to complete to advance through the game. Pokémon Masters includes prominent features such as New Adventure, Explore new Island, Thunder of Newfound Passion, and more.