Countdown to Paranoia: Happiness is Mandatory

PlatformRelease Date
Worldwide [WW]
PC (Microsoft Windows)2019-12-31

Paranoia: Happiness is Mandatory is an upcoming Role-playing and Single-player video game created by Black Shamrock and published by Bigben Interacative. The game introduces the CRPG gameplay that is set in the last idyllic refuge of humankind, known as Alpha Complex, controlled by Friend Computer. According to the plot, all citizens are enjoying the peaceful life of joy, cleanliness, and cheerfulness. In the game, the player takes on the role of the protagonist who must work his way to advance through a set of levels. In the retro-futuristic land full of technologies as brilliant as they are deadly. The game puts the player in charge of a team of troubleshooters, and his ultimate objective is to locate trouble and shoot it. During the gameplay, every move of the player is monitor by Friend Computer, alert for sign of treason, and will reward him for heroic action in defense of the Alpha Complex. Paranoia: Happiness is Mandatory has prominent features such as Unique Character Progression, Real-time Tactical Combat System, 9 Available Skills, and more.