Countdown to Outbuddies

PlatformRelease Date
Worldwide [WW]
PC (Microsoft Windows)2019-10-15

Outbuddies is an upcoming Metroidvania, Action, and Single-player Retro-style video game in development by Julian Laufer. It is set to release somewhere in October 2019, taking place in a sunken city of the old kings, called Bahlam, situated deep in the South Atlantic Ocean. The story follows a shipwreck, in which the protagonist and his teammates regain consciousness approximately 36,000 feet under the sea. They are severely wounded and connected to a supernatural unit. They dig deep into the lost under the city while locating the answers about their displacement. During the epic journey, the player needs to share his fate with a tribe of mining resources who fear the old kings and strive to get back to the surface since their legendary warriors had been enslaved almost 5000 years ago. It offers an open-world environment, in which the player experiences the non-linear gameplay and struggle to uncover the five distinct areas all full of remarkable puzzles, epic boss encounters, and more. Outbuddies includes prominent features such as Epic Boss Fights, Open Vibrant World, Unique Heroes, Original Soundtracks, and more.