Countdown to Last Oasis

PlatformRelease Date
Worldwide [WW]
PC (Microsoft Windows)2019-09-03

Last Oasis is an upcoming Massively Multiplayer Online Action, Role-playing and Survival video game developed and published by Donkey Crew. The story reveals that the planet has stopped moving and remaining survivors need to outrun the scorching Sun in the enormous open-world environment. In the game, you act as a survivor who must travel the world on wind-powered machines. During the gameplay, you can adapt walkers for travel, harvesting, transportation, battle, or used as mobile bases to advance. Several structures, upgrades, and attachments will allow you to personalize Walkers to their basic needs. The essential task is to find as many ways as possible to survive by gathering resources, crafting equipment, and building walker. To succeed, you must learn and improve your skills and keep your Nomad alive for as long as you can to become stronger. Start the game by creating portable bases or permanent fortifications, and after that, you must defend yourself from hostile creatures controlled by other players and natural dangers of the land. The game introduces stone walls introduce superior defense, while the lighter structure is fully packed on massive Walkers and moveable. Last Oasis offers exciting features such as Solo Experience, Clans and Warfare, Grappling Hook, Building Bases, Explore Open World, and more.