Countdown to Concrete Genie

PlatformRelease Date
Worldwide [WW]
PlayStation 42019-10-08

Concrete Genie is an upcoming Action-Adventure and Single-player developed by PixelOpus and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The plot is set in a small town, known as Denska, which has been abandoned and polluted. However, a young boy with the name of Ash doodles in his notebook daily. A team of bullies steals his book, rips out all of its pages and scattered them throughout the town. Now, Ask embarks on a journey to recovery of all the book pages. During the journey, he finds a pointed brush that delivers in real life whatever the protagonist draws. Now, he must overcome the bullies and attempt to bring life back to his city. The player uses the motion controls to create the landscapes in the beautiful town. Therefore, these landscapes turn into living portraits. There are several levels, and each offers a unique quest that the player has to complete to become the master. The difficulty increases according to the skills of the player and reveals additional content. Concrete Genie is scheduled to release on 8 October 2019 for PlayStation 4.