Countdown to Bullet Age

PlatformRelease Date
Worldwide [WW]
Nintendo Switch2019-12-31

Bullet Age is an Action-Adventure and Single-player Role-playing video game created and published by Liv Games. Set in the 2D world, where an ARC empire has been demolished and its creatures are mutated into monsters. You as the Gunsword hero needs to take a trip back to classic co-op action gameplay, where you serves as the last hope for the United Resistance. During the gameplay, you need to gain unique abilities and must spin, dash, and blast his way through a set of levels where you must face off and destroy creepy creatures, mutated soldiers, and massive bosses. There are plenty of meticulously levels and each is full of challenging platforming, secrets, and mutated bosses. The intuitive combat system mixes the action, run and gun, and hack-and-slash gameplay elements. While playing the game, you can purchase new weapons and upgrades with unique parts that will grants you devastating abilities. Bullet Age offers superb features such as Co-op Adventure, Hand-drawn Graphics, Devastating Abilities, Huge Mutated Bosses, and more.