Countdown to Black Steel

Worldwide [WW]: 18th February, 2021 for PC (Microsoft Windows)

PlatformRelease Date
Worldwide [WW]
PC (Microsoft Windows)2021-02-18

Black Steel is an upcoming Survival-Horror, First-person Exploration, and Adventure video game developed by Dojo Games and published by PlayWay S.A. The game is about stealth, setting in the fantasy world inspired by Dresden Files. It revolves around an abandoned car factory of Flamel motors, and something is going wrong. In the storyline, the world is invaded by unknown factors. So as the hero, you must sneak through factory halls, ominous alleyways and dark warehouses, reveal an alchemical pattern and advance through the game. During the gameplay, you will enjoy the thief-like experience by hiding in shadows, don’t make a noise, and more. The game tasks you expand the knowledge of alchemy to access various new areas and then confront dangers. Get to ready to experience an intricate story full of revelations and twists. The game offers quite simple, but tough to master gameplay with stealth elements. Black Steel will come with prominent features such as Objects are Alive, Horror-styled Gameplay, Find Alchemy Patterns, Unlockable Areas, Tricky Puzzles, and more.